Sunday, July 15, 2007

the rundown

I'm watching "Alien." Directed by Ridley Scott. Several years ago I was whining that I had never seen the "Alien" movies. My good friend Becky - who either loves me very much or was tired of hearing me whine - bought me the Quadrilogy for Christmas. Haven't seen them since she bought them for me, so I figured a lazy Sunday afternoon was as good a time as any to scare myself silly.

Next weekend I plan to visit Amanda and John in LA. Amanda is my pal who sang on the album. I'm excited to visit, first because I really like Amanda & John, and second because I've yet to actually be present in LA for more than a drive-through. It'll be cool to see some of the sights. I will also give Amanda a copy of some demos of songs I'm working on for the next album so she can begin learning them for when we record. I'm looking forward to having her voice play a bigger role next time 'round.

Like I said in the last blog, I'm planning on calling the next record "World Change Me." I've written many songs over the past year or so for this album, some that probably won't ever see the light of day. That's just how it goes. But I do have 8 songs that I'm sure will be on it, and 2 more I'm almost through with that I like. Then there are several that are in my head, but haven't been worked out yet. One is the title track - "World Change Me." I have the chorus:

Everyone before me tried to change the world
Everyone around me wants to change the world
Everything inside me saying change the world
I'll tell you what I see, how the world change me

I'll be enlisting the help of my amigo & bandmate Thomas to finish writing this one. Collaborating on songs is not something I do often - in fact, not something I've done since college - but this one calls for it. Thomas has the skill to make this song what I want it to be, which is a bluesy, funky pop anthem. You'll see what I mean when we finish.

The plan is to shop these demos around to some smaller labels. I really want to create a quality record, one that will stand the test of time. If we have the help of an independent label, the resources available to us will just be greater than what we would have on our own. So think positive thoughts for us!

Also - don't forget to vote for us this month (July) on We are up for artist of the month and have a good shot at winning - with your help!

That's all for now. Over & out.