Friday, February 15, 2008

all is well

Apparently some of my friends get most of their news from me through this blog (because I am bad at returning calls) and so when I leave those life-is-oh-so-miserable posts up for too long, they start worrying about me. So here's a current picture, to assuage those fears that I am perpetually morose & brooding:

Ok, so maybe that isn't so reassuring. Nonetheless - know that the sunshine isn't the only things that's bright in San Diego.

(It's my perspective. My perspective is what else is bright.)

There have been trying times in recent weeks - I'm not gonna lie (about that, anyway) - but I'm reconnecting with my friends in really good ways. And I have been gifted with amazing friends. There's no better remedy.

So thanks for the concern. Sometimes this space feels like my sole outlet, and my tendency toward the dramatic (what? me?) is irresistible sometimes.